About Lowell Puppies

Since 2010 We are a pet shop that sells dogs and cats of all breed.

Shipping is possible to countries around the world.The authorized bridging company will select and bring in healthy dogs.

The Lowell Teacup Puppies categorizes dogs by price range and breed for a wide selection of customers.
Our puppies, of course, are 100 percent healthy,
but they are guaranteed the best quality.
From T-cup dogs to mini-sized dogs to normals, big dogs and cats.
T-cup Maltises/Poodles/Pomeranians/Yorkshire terriers,
which are popular in small sizes.
Hybrid Maltipoo and Mid-sized dogs, Large dogs, and even Special dogs have a wide range of breeds.

Our Lowell Teacup Puppies has 15 days of virus protection and one year of warranty stipulated in the follow-up contract.
It is a licensed company that sells 100 percent of healthy dogs.
We are working together to find new families of our customers by offering healthy and perfect children through meticulous dog selection and low prices. We also communicate directly with customers through follow-up management even after being sold.

All sizes of puppies and high-class puppies are managed through professional management, and only pure pedigree are sold through professional breeder.