Health Guarantee

Lowell Teacup Puppies offers a one-year health guarantee, Including three other major infectious diseases and major congenital diseases.

1. Pavo virus
2. Corona virus
3. Distemper Virus

A serious congenital disease

1. Disposal due to a predisposed organ disorder

2. Congenital heart valve

3. If a customer's dog dies of a birth defect due to a heart, organ and genetic disorder,

We require medical certificate with certified vet bills and original unmodified photos of the puppy.

Please let me know your name and breed and we will send you a puppy of the same quality again.

However, transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer.

We have to examine claims for three major infectious diseases, and deaths due to birth problems.

You must clearly confirm that you died because of a birth problem,

The required documents must be sent to us a copy of all the initial medical examination certificates of the puppy.

The details of the lung disease caused by the exact disease shall be clearly recorded on the diagnosis by the doctor in charge.

Once the diagnosis is submitted to us, we will give an answer after we receive a review from the veterinarian at the affiliated hospital.

However, the submission of documents should be sent to us within 72 hours.

We will NOT compensate for any curable disorders or common disorders.

1. Open Pontanel

2. Patelar

3. Hernia

4. Blood sugar

5. Skin disease

Also, if you request a claim,
Please contact
LowellTeacupPuppies or +1 (737) 529 - 9181