Purchase & Delivery

[Purchase & Delivery]
You can talk in detail with our company counselor so that you can carefully choose the right puppy.

You have to choose the right dog for you or your family.

We want you to think the breed, gender, personality and size of your dog in detail and choose the child you want to be your family.

We're open all year round, so if you have any questions or would like a consultation, please call +1 (737) 529 - 9181 / whatsapp, Text, Skyp / Lowellteacuppuppies@gmail.com

When all payment is completed, we will contact you one week before the scheduled delivery date. If you have not heard from us five days before the departure date, please contact (737) 529 - 9181.

The breed warranty contract and the care guide will be emailed together before the dog arrives. Please sign your dog before delivery.

Please submit an order containing your exact billing and shipping information.

Include country code correctly when ordering outside the United States.

You must provide your actual address to book your flight.

[Appointment Special Sale Procedure]

If you find another puppy other than the available puppy, you will need to make a special order with the reservation.

Just make sure to contact me before you purchase to see if I can get a puppy.

If you tell me the breed, gender and size you want, we will do our best to deliver the right puppy to you.
Our Lowell Teacup Puppies provides air freight and personal delivery directly.

1. Air Cago

It's the simplest cargo flight available to customers.

You have to pick up your dog at the airport closest to your location.

We are doing our best to deliver to every country in the world.

But there are different country conditions for dogs and cats.

Please inquire before you make your purchase to make sure your area is available.

Due to pet-only zones, airline policies, and flight changes, changes to planes that are acceptable or unacceptable may be made without notice.

We are always trying to put safety first.

Every dog and cat was safely delivered without an accident.

2. Personal delivery

We also provide a personal delivery service.

However, the cost of the personal delivery service varies depending on your destination and season.

If you have any questions, you can contact us for a detailed answer.

We'll deliver it directly to your destination safely.